It’s Sunday so it must be time for our weekly trip to a country which is so close to our hearts. Such a part of our family over several generations. Yes it’s been 6 years since our last visit but there are so many memories to lean on. So as I sit 900 miles away it’s time for a much needed virtual trip to Switzerland.

Life has happened. The family has changed. Now it’s down to just Hawklad and me to carry on the special link with alpine heaven. One day we will carry our most loved dreams with us as we return. Return to Switzerland and those colours.

29 thoughts on “Swiss Sunday

    1. Everything happens at the time it happens, but yes maybe a jar for the little goodies to have when there. Maybe also a gofundme could pay for the tickets? In the meantime (and it is a “mean” time) gather more info, learn the languages, make things to do with the place (perhaps a hand made cuckoo clock or an alpine garden). These all might help in the now. Talking of now, now where’s that cow bell 🐂 I saw it around here t’other day?


      1. Complicated, but not I think totally impossible. You need more interactions and they don’t have to be touchy feely ones. So if there’s a way of investing in relationships that will help get him there. Creating links and inways might help. Maybe you’ll have to start a Swiss / Yorky c;lub 🍫 or get your village to twin with somewhere like Aetzruti or start a pen pal with others of similar interests? Something totally out there, like the history of wood constructed homes and see where that takes you both e.g. Schweizer Holz (Swiss Wood label).


  1. Beautiful photos, as always, Gary! I’ve never imagined autumn in Switzerland in before and it is an even more beautiful season down over there!


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