It’s Sunday so it’s must be time for our weekly trip down memory Lane. To family holidays to alpine heaven. Holidays to Wonderful Switzerland. Switzerland has been a part of Hawklad’s mums family for well over 70 years. I just needed just one visit to realise why you would want to keep coming back here, time and time again. It is a truly magical place. So as time has moved on and now those family trips are solely in the hands of Hawklad and his Muppet Dad….let’s hope the next trip is only just round the corner.

It is a family tradition.

A beautiful tradition.

40 thoughts on “Swiss Sunday

  1. It is always a joy and truly has a relaxing effect, how you are sharing the beauty through your eyes. There is so much appreciation in your words and photos for the beauty on this planet we were given.

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  2. The pictures are beautiful and lovely!!! And your thoughts are as beautiful like those pictures😄.. Recently i have also started my own blog post it will be very helpful if you can have a look on my post and like it .. if u find it interesting🥰🥰

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