It’s a stormy here in the UK. Sat inside listening to the weather batter our little bungalow on top of a northern hill. But my thoughts are elsewhere. To dreams of walking again in Switzerland. One of the most beautiful countries in the world. Home to many family holidays and memories. A return is more than overdue. How that happens is still a work in progress. A world gripped with a pandemic. Now just a family of 2. No more extended family get together. Ashes to be brought along and scattered. Heightened anxieties and phobias. Aspergers. A long trip, with many variables to be managed now as a single parent.

But it can still happen. The frenzy of an airport might be beyond Hawklad. Train is an option, less frenzied but still hemmed in. Driving, it’s a long way for one driver. Maybe 13 hours. But I can do that plus it offers Hawklad a controlled space to travel in. Yes car is favourite at present

Google Maps Makes 13 hours seem very doable…..

Yes we can do this. Sometimes dreams don’t come easily. But look at these memories. Definitely worth the effort.

56 thoughts on “Swiss Sunday

  1. I am so with you. Driving down to Switzerland is a major trip. But when you carry the value of the goal in your heart, the efforts and difficulties become relative. I know, this burning dream will pave the way. And it may give Hawklad the opportunity to break out of his shell again since it is his dream too.

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      1. I see Di below recommends a camping stop on the way. Good idea. I don’t know what they’re like now, but you used to be able to check into a Formule 1 hotel automatically with a credit card and go straight to your room without having to interact with anyone. Might be worth investigating, they’re usually on the outskirts of the major towns.

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  2. I love that you mapped it and timed it out on Google, Gary. That’s one further way of manifesting this into a reality for you and Hawklad.

    Is there an underground tunnel that you drive through?

    13 hours seems like a long way but think of all those wonderful sites and memories from Point A and B that you two will discover together.

    I hope it happens for you both in the near future! 🙏

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  3. You could break the travel time down by booking into a twin bed somewhere in Reims surely? Then drive fresh to Switzerland. First leg Y/shire to Reims maybe, what just over 8 hours or so, perhaps under if the auto is clear? Set off later in the evening to make it easier for Hawk. A night time ferry would be quieter. Reims to Switzerland around the 6 hour mark.

    Perfectly doable if you get all the times right and break the journey.

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  4. As an American tourist, I spent the better part of a week in Switzerland almost 40 years ago. I still consider it the most scenic (as your pix bear witness to) of all the dozen or so countries I’ve been in. I wish you many (or at least one) happy returns.


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