It’s Sunday night here in the UK. The heating is full on and the weather is beating against the windows. We are lucky to be live in a lovely part of the country. Rolling hills and countryside. But no mountains. I have always been drawn to the high ground. Right from childhood when I would look longingly at mountaineering book photos in the town library. A few years later I started climbing and a life long link was cemented.

I so wish I could open the curtains in the morning and gaze upon snow covered mountains.

Imaging throwing up the curtains each day and seeing this view….

That’s what I call a hotel room with a view. A Swiss view. It’s hard to find a view from this amazing country that is not dominated by glorious mountains. One day I hope to return. I need my mountain fix. I need to be back in Switzerland. One day soon I hope. Those mountains call.

34 thoughts on “Swiss Sunday

  1. I’ve missed a few Swiss Sundays, haven’t I? I usually can’t remember what day it is. Every day is just “Today”😂

    They aren’t usually snow covered, and certainly don’t have the majesty of the Alps, but living in a valley, I do get to see mountains every day. Your views of wide open country are stunning, but I would miss the mountains too.

    Each day that passes is another day closer to you & Hawklad enjoying Alpine air!


  2. Thank you for the beautiful photos. I hope you get to return to the mountains soon. I get your calling. I am the same with the Pacific Northwest here in the US. I live in Utah, but I know I belong in the northwest. The sea, the forests and the mountains call to me. Hang in there friend.


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