It’s the first Sunday of 2022 so it’s time for our first virtual visit to one of the great destinations in the world. Switzerland.

I can’t believe that in a few months time it will be 7 years since our last holiday here in Alpine Heaven. That’s far too long. But actually there is more to it. My partners family has been coming here regularly for generations. A clear family bond established. But life has happened and that family is much smaller now. It’s now just down to Hawklad and I to keep up that tradition. We have to get back. That’s not just me saying that, Hawklad is committed to that as well. Maybe this year…..

So as the new year arrives, I will leave the photos up to Hawklad. He can pick the locations, the memories. Here are his favourite times and places from this magical country.

Hawklad’s favourite Switzerland.

favourite town, Speiz
A seriously cool mountain
Wants to do this one day. The quick way down a mountain
Want to build that in Lego.
Beach Soccer
First ever glacier
The chocolate
The ice lollies
The golf
The drinks
The boats
The waterfalls
The Pea Soup River.
That’s a proper train station
The Cows
Sherlock Holmes
The Alps
That playground next to Lake Thun

28 thoughts on “Swiss Sunday

  1. 7 years is very long. More so for a child. I am glad he remembers so much. It looks like a beautiful clean country. I hope you guys make it this year. I am hoping to go to England this year. It will be my first time off the African continent. I’m terrified of the idea.

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  2. I do LOVE Hawklad’s selection of pictures! One thing, though … if we ever meet up there for that long-awaited coffee & conversation, promise me there will be no bungee jumping or hang gliding!!! I’m deathly terrified of heights and like to keep my feet planted firmly on the Earth’s surface! Hugs to both you and Hawklad on this first Sunday of 2022!

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  3. Wonderful photos. I especially smile at the photos with Hawklad in them. You both do have some cherished memories there. It would be so good for you both to take that trip. A breath of fresh mountain air. ❤❤

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