I love Switzerland. So many holidays, so many memories. It’s such a special place. I would move there in a heartbeat. Hopefully these Sunday homages give just a feel for why I feel that way. But it’s not just me. Hawklad feels the same way. It’s a country where he feels comfortable and safe. He finds it exciting and full of wonder. Yes Switzerland is special.

24 thoughts on “Swiss Sunday

  1. Summer Lake poem by Lyra Shadows

    Standing beside the lake
    in the middle of the summer
    staring over at the mountains
    with their high peaks in the clouds.

    A soft breeze blows across the grass
    bringing the scent of wildflowers to
    the air giving the lake a heavenly smell
    telling the creatures that summer was there.

    The lake has a reflection in it of
    the mountains as the fish jump
    breaking the image with ripples
    that start really small then grow.

    The summer lake is a getaway
    a place to relax and enjoy
    the sweet smells and the soft
    breeze and quiet surroundings.

    © Lyra AnnMarie Shadows

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