Switzerland is a country that means so much to this little old Yorkshire family. So many holidays there, so many memories. It’s a special place.

But things have changed. The next time we travel there, it will be different. It’s a much smaller family now. It will just be the two of us. It will be the first trip to The Alps without Hawklad’s mum. But how different will it be. We would always have the same holiday base, Spiez. The Hotel Seegarten, just a few feet from beautiful Lake Thun and it’s marina. We would arrive Saturday night and then on Sunday morning we would always take the boat across the lake to Interlaken. Hawklad loved the relaxing boat journey, he would spend his time on deck. Then a walk round Interlaken. A hot chocolate sat outside a beautiful hotel watching the brave souls landing paragliders after an exhilarating trip from the top of the local mountain. Then a bit of crazy golf, the Swiss do like that sport. A pizza them a trip to a beautiful gift shop. A shop with the most elaborate Swiss Clocks and most importantly a huge selection of Schleich Toy Animals.

The question is….

When we do go back again. Do we stick to the Sunday tradition or do we go for something completely different. Those Sunday mornings were definitely fun and memorable but life has changed. Would it feel the same for Hawklad without his mum. We have talked about it and wow do I regret that….. He’s minded to keep the tradition but add one new thing. Paraglide from that mountain. I think I need a Jumbo Jet size glider to carry my most un-aerodynamic body down to the ground in a controlled manner.

Gliders land here as we had hot chocolates in that hotel

31 thoughts on “Swiss Sunday

  1. These are beautiful pictures as always. I hope you get to do the paragliding one day and also revisit old footsteps and memories! Those mountains sure are breathtaking.

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  2. Hi Gary – your photos are beautiful, as usual! Yes, you should keep with tradition, at least for that first initial visit without your wife, though it may be bitter-sweet. I think Hawklad is wise and paragliding would be such a thrill. I have a fear of heights but back in 2012 I had the opportunity to go on a zipline, which terrified me. But I did it and honestly it was so uplifting (figuratively and literally). I am glad I summoned the courage. I think you would both enjoy it immensely – paragliding, that is. I hope you get to experience Switzerland again in the near future. Sending hugs to you both.


  3. Dude! I’m up for paragliding!! As long as I can have choco, cheese, and spend hours staring at that beautiful water!!

    Thank you for another glorious virtual trip!

    Did you know we had a Tsunami alert here on Saturday? 😲😲 I had to look at the Beach Cam, and the waves weren’t even that high😂😂😂


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