It’s Sunday so another perfect day for a walk. A much needed chance for Hawklad to relax. Feel part of the world, a world that still can be sampled without too much human contact. We didn’t see another walker today.

Six miles, six glorious miles in the Yorkshire mud. Proper mud.

But it was definitely worth the slog.

And what would Sundays be without another one of those Farm signs.

60 thoughts on “Sunday walk

  1. Yes! That is some Yoga I can agree with! It really says something about people when signs like this are common. Too many selfish jerks!

    All of that collected mud looks perfect for building using COB.(I got sucked into a YouTube rabbit hole about building small houses out of COB) You and Hawklad could build a tower and hurl insults from the top like the French Knights


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  2. I’m so glad you were able to get out and have such a glorious though muddy hike. Just getting outside can and does make a great difference. And yes, I too love that sign.

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    1. Sadly there’re horrible selfish people all over. I’ve seen poo bags left full is many places. More than one on the paths of the National Botanical Gardens, Wales. That saddens me a lot. As for the ones left in the branches of bushes and trees, I’ve lost count. People suck.

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      1. How’s this then, that I went to collect some cockle shells from Llanstephen yesterday, and the place that has all the cockle shells in a little alcove had bags of dog turd in and also some unbagged. I might repeat myself here, but “Humans suck!”

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  3. Walking is meditation. Many little thoughts appear and other thoughts replace them soon. Then, our mind is cleared of those thoughts and it is clean. I would compare it with bowel movement. Many illnesses arise out of difficulty with bowel movement. If we have difficulty with the mental bowel movement, many mental and emotional disorders will arise.

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