The relative calm before the arrival of the next two Atlantic storms. What’s it to be this week. Direct hits or glancing blows.

Definitely soup weather.

Today felt like a carrot and ginger soup affair. Plenty of carrots to be used up. Eight carrots later, throw in a sweet potato, already to go. Just need to add some cut ginger root. Hawklad came to see what was cooking.

Perfect timing Hawklad. Here you take the bag of ginger and you can add it to the soup.

As I explained the soup and the merits of adding ginger.

“Dad what are you adding to the soup now”

I’ve just explained, it’s the ginger.

“But Dad I’m holding the pack of ginger, I will say it again, what are you adding the soup…”

Erm I’m not entirely sure now. Oh pants. You are holding the ginger and I’m holding a bag of chamomile herbal tea…. It’s now become Ginger and Chamomile Tea soup.

“Is that going to be a soup sensation Dad”

It might need something else to give it some panache….. what to add. Something spicy.

“What about Ginger”

That would be admitting my cooking failings.

“Leave it with me Dad.”

Ok I’ve turned my back, what are you adding. Something spicy like curry powder, cumin, chilli.

“No it appears to say Ground Lavender, is that spicy enough for you…”

You have no idea what Lavender is have you son.

“No I don’t but looking at your face and smelling that soup, it’s the perfect choice. And the best thing about this whole deal. It’s your soup, I’m having fish fingers for lunch, so it’s all yours……”


There you go. Carrot, Chamomile and Lavender Soup. Eat your heart out Heston Blumenthal.

Photo from The Times

46 thoughts on “Soup

  1. Well, well, well, what have we here? Move over Mrs Cropley and make room for BABASP the great experimenter and pioneer, who’s rich command of unorthodox mixtures will be the stuff of legends!


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