One word sums up the weather today.


Storm Dudley is blowing over the top of our little house on top of a little hill. All the garden furniture is bunched in the garden trampoline, only problem is that I’m not entirely sure which garden the trampoline is currently found in.

Overhead power cables and storm force winds are not a great combination, so the power has been on and off. Mostly off. So how long will my old iPhone pick up the weak data signal before the battery gives out. The poor power company are doing their best but the power must be out in so many areas round here.

So it’s a dark house lit by candles. Working through a box of Pot Noddles while playing old school board games. We might need more than one storm to complete a game of Labyrinth – which warped mind invented that game of prolonged torture.

So it’s fortunate that a second storm is less than 2 days away. Storm Eunice is the next unwanted visitor. We might just get this never ending game completed. It’s definitely a two storm game.

40 thoughts on “Storm Dudley

  1. Sorry to hear you are “under the weatherstorm.” But how nice of them to name this storm after your cat. I have one question. Is the power website still up when you have no power? And can you reach it on your iphone? Seems kind of hard to tell them you have no power

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      1. Oops. The reference to a cat named Dudley belonged on a different blog. Got my wires crossed. I’m sure I had tapped on the other blog, and didn’t notice it came up on yours. I hate when that happens, lol.


  2. Never heard of that game… You shall wheather this storm as well, but it will be nice when these weather systems pass and you can spend more time out enjoying the garden and other adventures. Stay out of the rain and away from the trees. I’m sure they’ll be tossing debris a mite bit. 🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃


  3. Your storm has arrived here… ugly! But how cool that have that Labyrinth game. My kids have had several versions of that game. One was a Harry Potter edition.
    However, I want you to have fun playing but with electric light.


      1. Electricity is stable and therefore I need to use the time for business… but we often play on a Sunday when our middle child is coming to visit. Lately we played “The Settlers of Catan”. Really cool game.


  4. Dudley hit us yesterday but didn’t last that long. We had some damage to the fence in two displaced featherboards and a ridge tile was nervous so has been restuck. Eunice might be a different matter.
    Keep safe Gary.


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