One Atlantic storm down, the next one heading towards us.

Is that overhead power cable supposed to be like that….

So far several cranes, vehicles, trucks and at least 14 workers have been parked along this lane for over 16 hours now. All because of this one pesky piece of wire. That’s proper attention seeking for you.

In an ironic twist of fate, this was the very week our area phones got switched over to VOIP. Previously our phones worked when the power was off, now the helpful new service message is “in the very unlikely occurrence of power cuts, your new improved phone will not work. Please ensure you have a backup plan”. Is that mobiles, smoke signals or a messenger pigeon they are talking about. Not every household will have a mobile.

So the power has been mostly on and off today. One cable is still intact but looking very baggy….. When the power is on I have visions of Back to the Future. Some unfortunate worker having to do an impression of Dr Brown, holding two bits of cable in each hand and shouting “1.21 GIGAWATTS” as his hair smokes. Just so I can put on my kettle for a cup of tea. This is Yorkshire….

36 thoughts on “Cable

  1. I know it’s not environmentally brilliant, but there were these instant BBQs for 50p and I grabbed one or two “Just in case”. I’ve stashed candles, an oil lamp and the oil to go in it. Plus the parlour (currently used as a study) has an open fire and I’ve also stashed some dry wood from walks for that too. All I can do now is hope none of the trees I’ve planted over the last 20 years stay standing.


  2. If you look really close you might see Murphy sitting up in that pole🤠Sorry but the ironic nature of it made me laugh. Seriously good luck to you. Stay safe.

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  3. I’m not sure how it is done, but even up here in Boonies, Canada, all such cables are buried. Storms cannot affect them. Only stupid people who dig without checking where the cables are buried first.


      1. Stupid buryers, obviously. You test your products in a small trial BEFORE you do it in real-life situations. Discovering faulty lines and cables AFTER you bury them is just sheer stupidity. (On a funny note, Spelchek changed “buryers” to “burgers.” So my sentence started, “Stupid burgers!”)


  4. Perhaps you are “Twinned” with where I live! Your pics are fab. Did you know that “in the old days” a cable was a telegram? That is an urgent message that was transmitted at great expense and delivered in a yellow envelope. It usually meant seriously bad news:(


  5. A few loose wires can wreak havoc on humanity. Your reference to Back to the Future made me giggle, Marty. 😉 I hope it gets fixed pronto. Many wires here are buried. Not mine. The pole is so old it actually fell in my yard last year. Rather than replace it, it’s all re-wired to the 2nd oldest pole. My technology is not good here. When I have time and gas money I really love delivering messages. Morse code and a telegraph might be quicker.


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