Incoming next storm. It does feel like storm after storm after storm.

Is that the weather or is it Hawklads current mindset. He has much on his mind. Much which is causing him severe anxiety. One is which is SCHOOL.

So it’s a stormy start to Hawklad’s half term week off. It’s much needed. He is getting pretty disillusioned with how school is going. He just can’t predict when work will be made available to him. No way of predicting if work will arrive on time, at some later stage or not at all. The mock exams are clearly showing that for most of the subjects Hawklad has missed out on significant elements of teaching and learning materials.

Hawklad is also extremely worried that this is all building towards exams that he is not sure he will be able to sit. And if he does sit them, he is doubting whether he will be able to get what is undoubtedly in his head onto the papers, in time, in a legible format. It is currently hard for him to keep believing in the merits of school. It doesn’t help when today the only work that arrived was from Religious Studies covering everything he needed to know about the wrongs of Nuclear and Chemical Warfare.

So yes he is ready for this incoming week off from all things school.

To be honest, I am as well.

23 thoughts on “Incoming

  1. I’m sorry that school is so worrying and dissolutioning. You both deserve that week off. I hope and pray that it’s a time of refreshing and reviving for you and Hawklad. Take care. ❤❤


  2. It baffles me how Religious studies encompassing Nuclear and Chemical Warfare can be appropriate. It’s almost as if they deliberately try to upset your lad. It’s not right. There has to be an alternative. Your photos get better and better.


  3. Storms make for stunning skies, don’t they?! That photo is WOWZA!! 🥰

    We had a storm roll thru last Tuesday and it started raining at sunset… I got to see the Sun setting in the west and a full rainbow in the east🌈💃🏼🥳

    I have no comment on school! 🤐 Gotta watch my blood pressure 😉



  4. I’d just go with what he wants to learn about BABASP.
    I’d humour school, but let Hawklad concentrate on his choices and just point him in the direction of where he can find the answers for himself.
    Yes he will fail at some things (like we all do), but I expect he will be so much more confident in t’other subjects he’s researched and enjoyed looking into in his own way.
    Oh and just a reminder of around this time last year you:
    Put your coffee cup ☕ into the tumble dryer with the towels.
    Filled your bath 🛁 with cold water (very spartan).
    Lost your mobile and tried phoning it on the land line, but kept getting the engaged sound and didn’t work out that you were repeatedly phoning the landline! ☎️
    You couldn’t find the toothpaste and strangely found it in your hand all the time and put Deep Heat on a hand cut rather than Sudacrem!!
    So seriously mate, you’re doing champion this year. Now pat yourself on the back and do one of those “Yup” nods blokes do when they know someone is telling them the truth.


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