Sunday has arrived here and it’s time for our weekly trip to Alpine dreamland. Let’s visit SWITZERLAND.

On all out trips we stayed at the same hotel. Perfect. Next to a beautiful marina. Wonderful castle right behind it. Views of a perfect mountain across the water.

Every stay we got to speak to the hotel owner. A wonderful chap who has done some living in his many years . So full of stories. A favourite one was him being a skiing extra in a James Bond movie set in Switzerland. He never forgot the name of a guest. Always there at Breakfast giving advice on where to have the next adventure and how the weather was going to be in that area. His love for his country so evident and so infectious. Every trip we would find out from him more and more things about why Switzerland is so very special. With pride he would tell visitors all the things that his country had given to the world.

So to honour him (apparently he is still there, still looking after his guests), let’s think about Switzerlands awesomeness.

Gave the world milk chocolate, Velcro, numbered bank accounts, The Red Cross, solar powered air travel, Muesli…….

Gave the world The Swiss Army Knife, cellophane, hay fever medication, bobsleigh, aluminium foil, Rosti ……lol

Gave the world The Zip, cup a soups, spaghetti, fondue……

And Roger Federer.

53 thoughts on “Swiss Sunday

  1. A much-needed breath of fresh air and beauty! I didn’t know Velcro, cellophane, and aluminum foil were inventions of the Swiss!!! Learned something new and gave my tired mind a wonderful break! Thanks, Gary … hugs!

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  2. And don’t forget Raclette!! Your excitement and love for Switzerland are obvious, Gary. And so is your longing for coming here again. So, made the perfect hotel choice regarding location and hotel owner. Also, he must be a person who truly found his purpose and loves what he is doing. Thank you for the beautiful photos again.

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  3. Once, I flew with a friend on Swissair and we were in the bulkhead row at the front. One of the hostesses (sorry, cabin attendants!) laid her box of chocolate bars down in the aisle seat beside us while she went to deal with something else. Needless to say my friend (not I, of course) shoveled most of the chocolate bars into a hand bag! Swissair, being so organized had a whole list of items they could provide, should you need them, including, to our amusement a bit of string.

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  4. Great photography. Gave the world Ursula Andress, Marthe Keller, Albert Einstein, Carl Gustav Jung and Renée Zellweger at a push [her father was Swiss] 🙂

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