Just a bit of colour can make such a difference.

The weather might be gnarly but how can I not smile with this discovery. It’s amazing how beauty can light up life. I’m smiling so much this morning.

“Dad can you cut my hair”

That’s the problem with single parenting. For every task, I can’t hand it over to someone more able than myself. So I’m a hairdresser today. Simultaneously I am the best hairdresser in the house and without doubt, I am the worst hairdresser in the house as well.

Twenty minutes later Hawklad’s hair is much shorter. A unique haircut. Kinda of different styles depending on which part of his hair you look at. I blame it on the hair clippers. The dog’s hair clippers. So as Hawklad surveyed the damage in the mirror.

“Go on Dad, tell me what your Dad used to say to you, I think it’s very relevant right now.“

After every home hair sheering Dad would say- there is only two days between a shocking hairstyle and an ok one. My Dad would then quickly add – a man on a passing horse wouldn’t be able to see if it’s a good or bad cut. It was easy for Dad, he was bald….

“Dad, as most people won’t be on horseback I’m going to wear a big hat for the next few days….”

26 thoughts on “Colour

  1. You do so much for Hawklad and horseback or not, you get lots of thumbs up from all of us. 👍👍👍 And that pink flower is delightful. I can see why it’s making you smile.

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  2. I live a little too far away. Or I’d sort Hawklads hair out for you.😂🤣😂😂😂 I do have some hair cutting skills. But it will grow out. 🙂

    Beautiful photos as always. It is so nice to see some colour. I’m glad you’ve been smilingly. ❤ Take care of yourself Superdad. ❤

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  3. Your posts always seem to capture the many nuances in any situation you and Hawklad experience. The two of you seem to share the same wit and humor. I think this makes a wonderful difference in how me navigate life. ❤❤


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