The fields are perfect for a bit of swimming. Maybe even a bit of mud wrestling.

Todays half term idea was to go the local Arboretum unfortunately the site was closed on safety grounds due to the storm force winds. So it was Plan B. Visit another local attraction which was still open. Unfortunately as we drove into the car park, Hawklad noticed it was almost half full. That’s way too busy, way too uncomfortable for him. So we drive straight out.

So we moved on to Plan C and that was closed as well.

So one hour later we were on Plan D. A walk with Captain Chaos across the fields around our village.

No crowds, no need for Hawklad to don his mask. Not what we had planned but it still worked. If anything it worked better. No anxieties. Yes we can put up with a bit mud for that.

31 thoughts on “Swimming

  1. There’s nothing at all wrong with a bit of mud. It’s good to get outside. It’s even better when there are no anxieties for Hawklad. He’s fortunate to have such a hard working dad who makes him a priority.


  2. I’m not a religious person, but I read this quote once: “There are your plans and there are God’s plans, and your plans don’t count.” I substitute “the universe” for “god” but, either way, it fits here. Sometimes what you plan doesn’t come to fruition, but the universe provides another alternative and often it is a better way to go.


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