A trip into the city today for Hawklad. Tried to time it so that it’s a less busy time. But it was just too busy for him. Relatively quiet but still too many people , so we abandoned the visit to a piece of history. A brief visit to see the river in flood.

The river regularly floods more than this but it is still impressive. The flood defences preventing city centre damage this time.

We stood alone on the bridge for a few moments. We watched waves and mini whirlpools form. One epic Poo Sticks game. But then a few more people arrived. When the numbers hit 6 that was it. Too busy and we headed for the safety of the car.

“Dad I’m not going back to school any time soon am I”

You go back when your ready. It’s your call.

“I can’t cope with a few people on a bridge, how can I cope with 30 plus in a cramped class. With 800 people in a school.”

You can’t today, but you are working on things. Let’s see what happens going forward. Anything is possible.

“Well apart from you giving me a decent haircut 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣“

No one can see under that massive woolly hat.

“Dad let’s get out of here”

46 thoughts on “Floods

  1. If you look at the photo I posted from my daughter their river is similar. They went to Compton Vernie as it’s free for Isobelle, and her caregiver. The grounds are perfect for her. No one around so it’s a safe place 😊


  2. Your pix remind me lf home. The Red River (Canadian, not American!) Floods every year, whether we want it to or not. You know that old cowboy song, Remember the Red River Valley. Americans think it is about the one in Texas, but they are sadly mistaken. It was written by a Metis man, not a cowboy, who lived on the banks of the Red, until unscrupulous white men cheated him out of his home.

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  3. I’ve been so like your son. I couldn’t stand being in a huge group of people in uni and a full lecture theatre did my head in (around 36 students). Thankfully I found a different uni and course that only had a small group in. Anyways, I was successful before I went to uni (in my own way). However, in my eyes I know in my heart that education doesn’t mean didaleesquat compared to being a kind and thoughtful human being. Your son is a kind and thoughtful human being, so he is already successful.


  4. That was such a positive reply – always hope for the future; nothing off limits…
    Apart from parts of the city, by the look of those floods – we’re clearing up the damage down south, and hope it’s soon better for you in the beautiful North too.


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