That’s a seriously wet field. The next field is a tad wetter.

Half Term Holiday Thursday found our little family, first at Castle Howard. Unfortunately again too many people milling around for Hawklad. Didn’t help that we were the only ones we could see who were prepared to use masks. An hour later we again found ourselves on those muddy fields surrounding the village. We had the landscape to ourselves once more. Hawklad could relax for a while.

When he is at home. When he is in his garden. When he is the surrounding village fields. When he finds a lonely forest. When he is walking up a remote hilltop. That’s when he can’t see another soul as he stands on the desolate moor. That’s when he can be himself.

There is a common theme here…….

18 thoughts on “Wet

  1. I am glad you have so much space for Hawklad to feel comfortable and to be himself in. And fingers crossed he will build his comfort to be around others too. I know you are doing your best! 🤞🏻🙏


  2. If there is a way of increasing his circle, even if it is only one or two trustable friends willing to see him at a comfortable distance… I think it might help. It’s a worrying time for parents, especially those who have kids that wouldn’t want mix in the first place. Only thing I can think of is “No man is an island” and how I know that we all need each other.


  3. I’m more comfortable alone as well. His tendency was magnified by all this mess…it will take time to feel comfortable around others, or maybe just less anxious, but I think it will come around.


  4. Yes. He is his own best company. The thoughts that make them smile when you have no idea what they are thinking. You’re just so happy that they are smiling. And that you witness the beauty of that moment.


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