It might not look like it, but this was a walk in a storm. The wind was howling. At times difficult to stand up. Constantly having to watch out for branches coming down all around us.

We are sort of use to this weather now.

One of the delights of living on top of exposed northern hills.

But I have to say this stormy weather is fantastic for drying the washing. Well as long as I can keep the washing from taking off and entering the Jet Stream. The duvet covers dried in minutes today although I can only locate 5 dry socks now, one I assume is at 30000 feet currently.

Approaching six years of single parenting, six years, WOW. As I’ve had to use the washing machine most days, that’s something like 2100 washes that need drying. The tumble dryer is great but it costs a bucket load to run so quick drying days like today are awesome. After six years I have the washing cycle almost perfectly rehearsed. It’s like an autopilot thing. Sadly most other parenting tasks are still not so well rehearsed.

How can putting a duvet cover back on be so vexing. I’m still waiting for that glorious moment when I get the pesky duvet on right, right first time. Within seconds and without a hernia….. Is that too much to ask for. I should be able to do it after all these years, after all these attempts. So once again, I’m sad to report, there was a few too many single parenting expletives banded around with todays Wrestlemania . Duvet Falls Count Anywhere match. But at least the stormy weather drowned out my words.

“Dad is that the biggest ever attempt at origami ever or are you trying to tie yourself in a knot with my Duvet.”

That’s just one kids bedding. How on earth do parents cope with more than one child. I am in complete awe if you do.

34 thoughts on “Wrestlemania Duvet Match

  1. the secret, but don’t tell anyone …
    turn the duvet cover inside-out, put your hands inside and grab the furthest-most corners (the corners opposite the open end), then grab the corners of the duvet with the hands that are inside the cover, and stand up, lift both up, and shake the cover down over the duvet. It often takes a bit of persuasion for the last bit, but it doesn’t take too long.
    Of course, I lay the duvet out over the bed to do this so it’s easier on my back and I can see the corners and don’t step all over the bits.
    And then I put a coupla stitches in each corner to ensure the duvet stays inside the cover as expected.
    Same deal for pillowcases, unless the pillow is too big for the covers.

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  2. Cats don’t require duvet covers, so I’m no help. 😕 Hawklad is very witty. He does know how to give a helping hand when dad needs that encouragement. 😂🤣😂😂 Keep being super. 🙂

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  3. The washing machine broke recently and I had a few weeks of washing things in the bath! It’s not the first time, as being a single parent with a handful of kids in Orkney, there were times of power cuts and oodles of hand washing. Here is something to help you with the wrestling:

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  4. If he’s taller than you…maybe he should take over the duvet job! I got so fed up that I abandoned using a duvet. But I do now know how to fold a fitted sheet…big dea, right!


  5. Excellent – l used to be like that – now l have mastered the duvet, the secret is to not have the buttons/fastenings at the bottom but to side load it 🙂


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