It’s just gone Sunday here in the UK and it’s the perfect time to take a walk down memory lane. Back 7 years to our last trip as a family of 3 to alpine heaven. To spectacular Switzerland.

On our trips, a bit of a rarity, a grizzly weather day. So this moody Monday we took a boat ride across Lake Thun and then sat back and let the wonders of Swiss Transport carry us to the top of a beautiful small mountain, The Neiderhorn.

Yes it was windy, yes it was cold and a bit damp but it was still awesome. Hawklad still talks about that day with so much fondness. A truly fun day which felt epic to him.

25 thoughts on “Swiss Sunday

  1. Love that 1st pic of Hawklad! He had “side-eye” perfected at such a young age😂😂😂
    The landscape as always is breathtakingly stunning! Different weather conditions just add a bit of “spice” to an already delicious dish.
    Thank you as always for sharing your precious memories with us!

    When are you going again? Spring 2022, Summer 2022??



  2. Oh my, that spectacular view and the power of those stormy skies.. Hawklad looks such a soulful boy…. it really tears at my heartstrings for you both…………<3 I am so glad you can treasure the memories.. but I know the sadness must always been there.. so so young to lose your Mum big hugs


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