Last walk of the half term holidays. Tomorrow the school at home project recommences. The two of us are not ready for that. The week was not long enough. It went far too quickly. Starting another bout of schooling when our two mojo’s are missing is not a great starting point.

Maybe things start to pick up from here on.

So on this walk and a puzzle. Suddenly a batch of ice blocks. Each one about an inch in length. Where did this one ice outbreak come from.

Another walkers pack up (but no one else in sight and it’s a rarely used trail)?

Random Hail?

Fallen off a plane?

Most odd. Well at least it took our minds off school for a while.

33 thoughts on “Ice

    1. And here I am thinking that they don’t look like hail but small blocks made from crushed ice 🤔

      But the mysteries of life, plus the imagination make a wonderful combination.


      1. I’m not disagreeing with you. It’s just that my first thought was different. My experiences with large hailstones is that they are covered in spikes. And I’ve got a few minor scars to prove it when we got caught in an unexpected hail storm while swimming at the beach. On the other hand a local supermarket sells ice that looks almost identical to those in the picture – slightly rectangular

        Same picture, different experiences, different conclusions 😊


      2. That’s allowed, Barry.. We’re just discussing. It is such a mystery and the only other possibility other than a camper dumping ice is falling from a plane… or a UFO. Wonder if they prefer their beverages iced as well?


      3. UFOs? Now that’s a thought. Perhaps they live on a frozen planet and those cubes are actually bodily waste…

        Leftovers from an iced beverage is more appealing 😁


  1. I love a good mystery. Gets the ol’ noggin going. Probably better use of Hawklad’s thought processes than the garbage excuse for curriculum from the education idjits…🤐
    Oops! I’m not supposed to comment on school🙊



  2. i just wanna comment on the first pic- that one is so beautiful..and perfect composition in my opinion. It just makes me wonder where the “stream” goes and how far. a delight for the contemplating mind:)


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