One last gift from School’s half term week off. Late Sunday found a beautiful star filled sky. So we jumped into the car and 25 minutes later we were walking with head torches across the Moors. The Moors to ourselves, perfect for Hawklad. Just the sound of the howling wind and owls hunting.

The occasional tree taking on another character illuminated by torch.

We are lucky where we live with so little light pollution. But on the Moors the darkness is almost complete. Perfect place to wrap up warm and stargaze. Unbelievably the old iPhone managed to capture a few of the stars on show as the last embers of the day finally left the landscape.

Definitely a win for Hawklad. A chance to forget his anxieties for a while longer. He is much more relaxed in this isolated setting than he is during the day when people are about.

We definitely need to do more of this. But NOT this evening, it is absolutely chucking it down. That’s more like Yorkshire…..

33 thoughts on “Night walk

  1. Are you in the same neck of the woods that David and Jack also walked late one night after an unpleasant Slaughtered Lamb pub night?


      1. Was it really? That makes more sense! I mean honestly who believes in Wolfman when Wales is notorious for Sheepman!


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