Look in one direction.

Then spin round on the same spot and look in the other direction.

Which water filled view is best?

A late winter walk around the Yorkshire Arboretum. Very good for the soul. Much needed…..

Exam diary dates emailed today. Two key ones in May, then another eight next May. Here’s the problem. The latest medical advice is that Hawklad is probably not going to be in any sort of position to sit any exam over that time frame. The expert opinion is that he desperately needs an extended period of many months (maybe longer) without anymore stress. That’s the only way he is likely to be able to start to get on top of his current anxieties. Sadly this is an increasingly excessively troubled and stress filled world . Exams (regardless of where Hawklad sits then) will only make things worse. The exam buildup and exam environment just do not suit him, they in fact work against him.

But then leaving school without any qualifications is also filling Hawklad with worries.

What to do, what to do.

28 thoughts on “Views

    1. I guess the UK is much like Aotearoa New Zealand and many developed nations. Without school qualifications (In NZ, NCEA levels 1, 2, or 3) a great many career paths are closed (unless one considers flipping hamburgers a career). Without higher school qualifications, university and many other forms of tertiary education are inaccessible until the student reaches 21 years of age, and even then they’ll be at the back of the queue for a place in the system.

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  1. Oh, my. It’s such a hard position to be in. My heart aches for you both. Sending prayers for a solution.


  2. Trying to decide which view is best or what to do in any situation? Well, I’m a ponderer. With the big life stuff, well I try to make my choice using kindness. Okay, I’ve made my choice for today and it’s the second view. Maybe tomorrow I might prefer the first.


  3. Beautiful views, Gary. I hope they continue to provide you and Hawklad with calm and meditation as you ponder the path ahead. Challenging questions for sure and I hope you find an answer that works for you both. Sending you my best!


  4. Life is not black and white. There is also colour. But there are also many shades of grey, or gray, whichever you prefer in this instance. Those are not Hawklad’s only choices. I do not know the EnglIsh education system. In Canada, Hawklad could withdraw from school after he turns 16. He can attend an altertnate school (other teaching methods, other subject choices, other classroom styles, etc). He could study on his own then write the GED (General Education Development) equivalency test (equal to a Grade 12 diploma). Or he could wait a few years and enter univetsity or college as a MATURE STUDENT, no diploma required.
    Depending on what Hawklad himself wants, there are trade schools, reputable on-line learning opportunities, and probably things I have no idea about. Do not believe those choices you mentioned are his only choices. Hawklad is a brilliant boy whose future may lie in comedy, acting, or sitting i a NORAD station watching for bombs to fly over the Arctic Circle (probably have to move to North America for that one, but certainly he would only be working with a small number of people.
    The possibilities are endless. Don’t close him or you into a box. Let him fly…


      1. Society has no say in it. They can choose to accept him or not, but they cannot stop him without destroying him. My money is on Hawklad!


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