It’s been a wet one today. Torrents of rain. Definitely a two coat day. Great rhubarb weather.

It’s been torrent of school emails as well. One instructing parents about what happens if a child is late to school. Another email confirming that non uniform days had been cancelled due to inappropriate behaviour. Then an email instructing pupils that no jewellery (except an ear stud) is appropriate in a school setting. That’s on top of emails earlier about the length of skirts and inappropriate gym kit. Then I hear someone from the Government talk about the need for longer school hours and greater discipline.

Some parents may love the sound of this. This parent is shaking his head.

With all that’s gone on in the world over the last couple of years, with the current dreadful news, aren’t our youngsters already having to cope with more than enough stress. Let’s not have school add to that….

37 thoughts on “Torrent

  1. Wow. That is a lot of rain-and quite a bombardment from the school. Obviously, we must be rules, but this seems excessive and poorly timed considering all the stress kids have faced.

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  2. What are they doing in that Government? It never seems to get better. The same day the Government praised the Russian people for protesting Putin, they tried to get a bill through that would mean people in the UK, couldn’t protest! The Trump Government were just horrible, the Australia Government are all wannabes and the UK Tories, are really confusing, lol

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  3. Completely agree. My son just left a bad school with a massive focus on ‘discipline’, and shouty teachers, and joined a school where staff and pupils behave with mutual respect. Huge difference.

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  4. I’m not allowed to comment about school🤐
    SoCal is expecting rain on Thor’sDay or FriedDay. Makes sense since it was humidity in the teens and temperatures in the 80s (28-29 C) on MoonDay & Toad’sDay🙄🤦🏼‍♀️ Wren’sDay was Transition day🤪

    It’s no wonder I’ve gone slightly madder with the yo-yo weather 🤪


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  5. I have said it before and I will most likely say it again until Hawklad is done with the system; your school system is broken. Broken. I am not sure what uniforms and skirt lengths have to do with children learning but I am sure that there is some great strategy at work here that I just am unable to see. Break free from the school and let Hawklad soar in the areas he is able to while studying what he has to. I know easier said than done. Hugs to you both. 🙂

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  6. I agree. The timing is poor. I was in boarding school in England during the Cuban missile crisis and I remember the anxiety. Current situation is similar. Why pile on more stress?

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  7. What a shame. I’m all for expectations; however, this is excessive. What about communication from the school sharing the praise and good news? May the sun shine soon and your hope grow with better weather. ❤️💛💚🙏🏻


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