A weekend walk.

Hawklad wanted a long walk but with one big caveat . A local walk of solitude, preferably one to ourselves.

This walk is usually a perfect fit for that. Very local and hardly ever visited.

Almost perfect.

A three hour walk almost entirely to ourselves. Just one passing farm vehicle, no other sign of human life. We will settle for that, just what Hawklad needed. We had started trying to visit places with more people there. Try to build his confidence around others back up again but it was starting to really stress him out. It may well be too soon for him. Maybe it will never be the right time for him. Anyways we are going back in the solitude lifestyle again for a while. Hence this type of walk.

Let’s see which road forward is best for him. Just next time, let’s take waterproof coats with us.

It was almost completely dry as well. Almost, apart from one almighty rain storm. Hardly a surprise, this is Yorkshire.

34 thoughts on “Solitude

  1. I am finally coming to England, but traveling on my own, which is a little scary after 14 years. Filling in forms, doing tests before returning. I am getting stressed out just thinking about it.
    Wish I could meet you but that’s not going to happen 😥


  2. Those are beautiful walking roads. I would give anything to have them here. Just to walk and walk and barely see a soul. I understand your boy wanting this solitude. Sometimes the world just gets too much.


  3. Oh! What a beautiful walk😍 I do hope Hawklad is able to tolerate a few people again before too long. Do you have any concerts planned? Outdoor shows this Summer, up in the cheap seats?



  4. Good walk and great scenery, l hope that for both of your sakes that Hawk can start to accept more sociality into his life.


  5. You might have to have hidden treats 🍫 in your coat pocket, to reward Hawklad each time he passes others. To combat the panic with a good surprise. To make seeing people smoothed the rough with some smooth.


  6. I’m sorry it’s this way for Hawklad. For you as well. It’s not easy on either of you. We’ll keep hoping and praying that his world will open up. Keep dreaming too. Stay out of the rain Superdad. Waterproof coats would be perfect. ❤


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