It’s not far from here that Hawklad wants to scatter some of his mums ashes. Yes 6 years and they are still sat on a cabinet in the back room. A view through the window over the garden and the fields beyond.

It will happen in its own time.

It will happen when it’s right for Hawklad.

We could see the place where we want to scatter his mum but we couldn’t walk there. Not this time. A place which his mum loved to visit. This time we couldn’t follow in her footsteps. Two rather angry bodyguards blocked the way.

Maybe next time.

Things can change.

Soon it’s going to be Mothers Day here in the UK. A couple of weeks of nonstop adverts which are almost impossible to avoid. How many kids have lost there mum and have to go through that. But this year we have a first. A supermarket that we order food from has just sent this email.

This is a start. It’s a small step but a welcome step.

55 thoughts on “Things can change

  1. Creating awareness is such an important step for any kind of loss. One small step towards becoming a more caring society.
    This month is Brain injury awareness in my part of the world. When someone makes a concession because of my injury I am so grateful. Small consession, huge impact.

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  2. I’ve had one or two e mails like that. As you say it’s a start. My mother has had my father on her sideboard since 2005. Now she is in a home and we have decided to scatter them together when the time comes. You have to ready take your time


  3. What an unexpected kindness it is for that store to do that. And the right time will show itself, as it does for all things. Prayers to you and dear Hawklad, friend.


  4. Sending you love at a difficult time..Its strange as today I was thinking about my Mum’s ashes which I have still not collected.. and no other family want to bother.. Its a big deal for you both…I am touched that the Supermarket would do that.. how kind and thoughtful… ❤


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