Almost 2 years ago we crashed into a national lockdown. Months of being at home. Restricted to the house, the garden, to the adventures around the surrounding fields. The car was hardly used. It became such a luxury item, it gathered dust.

Yesterday I filled the car up with Diesel. I drove past two service stations which had NO FUEL signs showing that they were closed. The third station was open but with long queues. Wow it was expensive. The price has almost doubled in just under two weeks. Hardly any people wearing masks. The shop radio playing as I waited to pay had a Government expert saying that they didn’t know why Covid cases were rising so fast again, but don’t worry as we are now living with Covid. I reached the checkout, wow that’s almost three figure money to feed the car.

As I drove back it started to feel like 2020 and 2021 again. Time to park up the car. Let it gather dust again. Treat the car as a luxury item. Restrict long trips out. A period where adventures are just local ones. Ones we walk from the house.

One mile walk from our house, Captain Chaos almost trod all over these beautiful flowers. We are back in those fields again.

28 thoughts on “Back in the fields again

  1. In December, we replaced our Dodge Durango (5.7 l, 360 PS, Hemi. 95 l tank) with an electric car. Guess what… it was a great idea looking at those prices


  2. The situation in Russia and Ukraine has driven gas prices insanely high up everywhere. We’re feeling it here in Canada too. Sigh.

    Your field flowers are lovely!

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  3. Two years ago we went through a tank of gas every two weeks, normal driving, in our Honda CRV. Now a tank lasts at least 6 weeks, normal driving. Being seniors we cannot just walk to the grocery two kms away, but we buy more in order to go out less. No more drives in the country though. It is the trips to the city, almost always for medical reasons, that cost us. The nearest city is 500 kms away, and the city with the most specialists is almost 800 kms away. We now have to arrange our excursions to the city to see at least two specialists at a time, preferably three or more. Those trips take two to four tanks of gas, depending on headwinds. We slmost always have to drive into headwinds or crosswinds coming home.
    Walking is nice, but when the knees and hips start to go, it can become a struggle.

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      1. That helps your health, lol. Walking destroys my knees. Besides that, I do more “random gravity checks” than I did at your age. Sometimes I have to wait for someone to help me get back on my feet. It’s almost embarrassing…


  4. Great flower shot 🙂

    Yep gas is on the rise, except listening just now to the backtwatted nob jockey going past the window with some screwed up exhaust pipe on no doubt a zooped up moped engine you wouldn’t think they were bothered about how much that car is going to cost them this time next week.


  5. Covid? What’s that? Is that the flu thing that plagued us at the start of the twenties? old news matey now there’s some war going on….


  6. Yes, the prices are on the rise and the car is parked again. But you can do this. We can do this. We are getting lots and lots of practice. Stay out of the rain Superdad. ❤


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