It’s just turned Sunday and I am dreaming. Dreaming big. Dreaming of the adventures of a lifetime. Dreaming of family memories still to be made. Dreaming of new times in Switzerland.

It’s been 6 long years since our last time amongst The Alps. So much has changed since that holiday. To our family, to the world. But Switzerland is still there waiting. New life doors can still open. After the last few years it’s easy to forget just how wonderful life can be. But it really can be. This can be such a wonderful life. This is such a beautiful planet, places like Switzerland prove that.

33 thoughts on “Swiss Sunday

  1. Right now, I am longing for visiting such places. It is one of those rare Sundays when I had time to do so, the weather is gorgeous and warm… but… we have that warm storm going (Foehn) which completely spoils the desire to spend time outdoors. So, thank you for the pics, Gary!


  2. I read somewhere, “Change your attitude to gratitude”. Life is always so much better when we stop to appreciate all the little things (and the big things like Swiss Alps). Too often I find myself grousing and grumbling. I wish I wouldn’t because life really and truly is wonderful. As I read stories coming out of Ukraine it makes me realize how petty I can be. Your photos remind me we live on a beautiful planet and should not take anything for granted.

    Thank you for your positive messages and beautiful photos. I, too, love the one of your son, such a handsome lad. Take care and keep dreaming big!


      1. I am a big believer in what you think about, you bring about….yes, you are absolutely right. Your next trip to Switzerland will surpass your dreams. ❤


  3. Justice League!! I was just thinking it’s probably better that Hawklad isn’t at school cuz I’m sure the girls would be hounding him😉

    Thank you for the virtual breath of fresh alpine air. Things have been gloomy storms (emotionally) around the Casa lately and it’s very nice to get away, even if only for a few minutes.

    We GOT this!


  4. Reading this and looking at the photos, I couldn’t help thinking of British/American historian Tony Judt’s memoir written as he was dying from ALS – The Memory Chalet – about his trips there as a boy with his family each summer – if you haven’t read it, it’s a must read for you. Here is a quote from the last chapter:

    “One is not supposed to love Switzerland. Expressing affection for the Swiss or their country is akin to confessing nostalgia for smoking or The Brady Bunch. It immediately brands you as someone unforgivably ignorant of the developments of the past thirty years and incurably conventional in the worst way. Whenever I blurt out my weakness for the place the young yawn politely, liberal colleagues look askance (“Don’t you know about the War?”), my family smiles indulgently: Oh, that again. I don’t care. I love Switzerland.”


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