A weekend walk across the surrounding fields. No rain but the ground doesn’t need any more, it’s got enough to spare already.

The farmer has been busy.

Where did that weekend go. It was supposed to be a time to unwind. Much needed on Friday when homeschooling shut its doors but then in a blink of an eye it’s early Monday morning. In just a few hours the school week starts again. Why do I feel so tired. Not physically, just mentally. Probably the same reason Hawklad is starting to struggle so much with his schooling motivation. As he said yesterday – “I’m not learning anything interesting from school and I might not even get any qualifications out of it, what is all the effort for.”

So we plod on again this week. Plod feels like the perfect word for the schooling experience.

I remember a conversation we had a couple of years back. Talking about school. One throw away line from Hawklad sticks in my mind. It was something like…..

“Dad for a few thousand pounds I could go to wrestling school where they teach you how to wrestle. I might get more out of those few weeks than I end up getting out of all these years at school….”

Sadly he might have been right……

29 thoughts on “Where did that go

  1. Question: Will Hawklad be at all capable of living on his own if he wants to move away? Does he have cooking and cleaning skills? Grocery shopping skills, etc.? I ask because I wonder what England has in the way of support services for people with Aspergers, or other conditions? I used to be such a support person for many years in my younger days, before I went back to university for my BSW. And I heard on the news the other day Canada is having a shortage of people willing to work in support services. It is not a lucrative profession, but it can be a rewarding one. The news report made me wonder what is happening for people like Hawklad across the world these days. I know you have a lot of readers with children who need social supports.

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      1. Yeah, pretty scary. But I’m pretty sure Gary’s cooking skills are better than his baking skills. Hawklad is apparently quite healthy, even though Gary tries to tell us he himself is not.

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      1. In Canada he would have access to up to 24 hour in-person support, live in support, education or job support, or group support. All dependent on his needs and wants. There would also be respite for you on weekends, or however often you might need it. Unfortunately, with the lower number of support workers, it might not be possible to find the perfect matches for Hawklad or yourself. But one never knows.


  2. I’m sorry that it’s like this for Hawklad. It really is exhausting when the lessons feel like they aren’t leading anywhere and when it feels as if time is just slipping through the fingers. But I hope he will remember that our times are always in God’s hands. (Psalm 31:15)

    Who knows where things will lead. It will definitely feel like plodding but hopefully we can learn to plod on patiently. Stay out of the rain Superdad! Both of ya. ❤❤

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