Early morning dog walk. A strange but most welcome yellow thing in the sky. But most definitely still warm coat weather.

An early start needed for an trip to the garage. This time thankfully a quick fix. While I was waiting for the part to be fitted to my malfunctioning Transformer (or more accurately my heap of rusting metal), I sat in the waiting room hoping to work out a different way of teaching Hawklad about chemical half equations. There should be a rule that if a subject wasn’t taught at school to a parent then years later he or she should be excused from trying to explain it to their kids. I’m sure I was never taught this Harry Potter stuff. Sadly I was not alone in the waiting room for very long. Frustratingly I was about to be distracted from my deep teaching reflections. A grumpy fellow customer had entered the room and was muttering to herself. Muttering very loudly….

Useless heap of….

Don’t know why I bought it….

Waste of money….

Doesn’t work….

It’s only a day old and it’s broken….

Useless ##@@@#£&### thing

Suddenly I realised she wasn’t talking about her car. It was her mobile. The tell tale sign was when she through her mobile quite violently on the table in front of her.

Clearly she then knew she had an audience.

‘This phone is rubbish. It’s brand new and nothing works. I can’t even get the home button to work. Rubbish’

The mobile had bounced in my direction. Even though it was several feet away I could see the problem.

You have the protective case on the wrong way. The gap for the home button is at the wrong end. The gaps in the case don’t match up with the side buttons on the mobile. Turn the case round and it might just work.

One minute later, with the case on the right way, the mobile was reborn. It was now a working mobile. Sadly any hope of sharing the waiting room with a less grumpy fellow customer was short lived.

‘It’s still the wrong colour and it’s too big for my handbag. I told my husband I wanted an iPhone.’

The tirade went on and on. Impossible to think about Chemistry.

Thankfully I was saved when the mechanic came to tell me my car was ready. Never been more pleased to have to pay a bill. I was clearly lucky, sadly that poor mobile wasn’t so lucky. Shame as it was a very nice one. If only it had been given a chance.

23 thoughts on “Mobile

  1. Patience is a virtue but also a blessing that not all have been given. I’ll bet she has way more problems than just her cell phone not performing or fitting into her purse. Be glad she is not in your life!!! Pity her husband who has to endure the negativity! My mother, 96, is the same way, if you gave her a million dollars, she would complain and wish it was in gold bullion instead. Wishing a lovely calm weekend!

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      1. So sad… but we don’t know what happened before. Maybe there is another story bout that phone, a personal one. I once received a bag, a beautiful one, but I received in odd and hurting ways which always reminded me of that experience when I saw that bag… in the end, I gave it away.


  2. You tried to take away her reason for being annoyed with her hubby. Clearly He wasn’t going to get off that easily. Poor man. Glad your car got fixed fast!


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