It’s Sunday here in Yorkshire so surely it must be time for a trip down memory lane. Back to 2013. To a family holiday to Alpine Heaven, to Switzerland.

So often on our trips to this wonderful country the sun would shine but occasionally, even here, the weather can turn.

But guess what, Switzerland is still special.

A bit of bad weather doesn’t stop the locals eating out.

But the sun always returns, hopefully we can return in the near future.

50 thoughts on “Swiss Sunday

  1. Going to make today special? I intend to and hope you (everyone who reads my comment and beyond) can too. For who on this good Earth full of beauty and wonder, can actually say there is a tomorrow and be able to guarantee it?

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    1. In spite of worries of plague and war, today I sat around a camp fire and drank Douglas Spruce tea in peace. In those moments of peace I thought of nothing else, but being in the fresh air, in quiet contemplation surrounded by trees. 🌳🌳🌳
      The troubles of the world of humans was far away. Nature helps you know. Maybe it doesn’t stop what others are doing and thinking, but it sure helps the person who sits in the peaceful places and lets nature speak in quietness. A robin close by sang constantly, as a blackbird also chirped in for a few seconds, but it was pretty quiet. Knowledge was shared around the fire, nothing outside of the communication of the trees spoken of.
      Tell yer what though, I intend to hold close to hand the memories of those peaceful moments.


  2. Even in the cloud and rain, Switzerland looks beautiful. I hope and wish for you and Hawklad to return there this year. 🙏🤞🏻


  3. I just saw in a survey that Switzerland is one of the happiest places to live. I am dubious of surveys, but I believe this one. Something for you to look forward to.


  4. Your photos remind me of the year we visited Banff National Park here in Alberta. We had both sunny weather and an overcast day and the misty clouds hovering over the mountain tops. I twas very cool.


  5. Did you uncover old photos? I haven’t seen these ones before. Definitely looks like a wonderful place to visit even on a cloudy day. 🙂🥰🙂🥰🙂🥰


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