Another weekend has come and gone. Again just the two of us. Talks in the garden, walks around the deserted fields. Occasionally passing a fellow dog walker in the village, bringing just a quick nod. No deliveries. No postman. No sign of the neighbours. No phone calls.

Here some are starting to ignore the Government line that Covid is under control. Numbers are rising rapidly here. The hospitals are stretched again. So people are far less likely to stop and talk, preferring a quick shout from across the road.

That is adding to the isolation feel here.

We did look at visiting somewhere else, Hawklad fancied a historic site but the online booking systems clearly showed that there where extremely busy. So we stayed put. A weekend at home. Not using the car saved a bucket load of cash.

The last person I had a conversation with before the weekend was with his health professional. When I raised the school pushing for him to sit exams, she was clear. A clear “ he is not ready, not ready at all for that, he is potentially months or more likely much longer away from being anywhere near ready for classrooms or exams’. So let’s see what schools attitude is when I convey that message to them.

35 thoughts on “Not ready.

  1. My takeaway: At least someone with an appearance of authority is on Hawklad’s team. Appreciate that. And exploit it for everything you can get out of it!


  2. Seems like you are definitely “between a rock and a hard place” here regarding classes for school. Good luck to you! Restrictions lifted here too but we wear masks and precautions as a family. 🤗

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  3. It’s good to hear the health professional has a similar opinion as you. Is she able to provide a letter that you can include with your communication to the school? It’s a tough spot to be in for sure. Good luck, Gary!


  4. it’s very strange here in U.S. depending on where you go..even within a 25 mile radius, things seem to be drastically different attitude wise concerning masks. I did notice there’s much less talk about it in my FB feed and i only see masks on occasion in my area outside of medical places. I hd my booster in january so thats 3 shots now. That part is getting old..also strangely ,i never hear about delta anymore just omicron. I wonder whats next and how many variants we will see.


    1. Here some places are experiencing the highest level of cases since the pandemic started. All since all the rules about things like masks were abolished, free tests stopped, mandatory isolation abolished and the push to keep getting vaccinated ended . Now the politicians and lead experts are saying that they can’t understand why the numbers are rising so fast. Staggering.


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