That feels like a scene from Autumn not a late March day. And not just one leaf, lots of them.

So the online Parent Evening came and went. Four minute teacher video calls was just not enough. But I guess I did get to speak to every one of Hawklad’s subject Teachers plus the Head of Year, all within 50 minutes. Definitely felt all a bit crazy with just one minute gaps between each session. Blink and they were gone.

A couple of the teachers were very proactive. They came with ideas to help his homeschooling. They had clearly been thinking about Hawklad. We will definitely try those ideas. So that was a few minutes well spent.

I made suggestions to some of the other teachers, a couple sounded keen to try them. Others not so interested. Unbelievably with one teacher, the four minutes actually felt too long. Just didn’t seem to be interested.

Another teacher spent the four minutes unsuccessfully trying to explain who Hawklad’s 80% online exam score was converted into a predicted final grade which was borderline fail. Another teacher raised the issue that Hawklad had to improve his spelling and didn’t seem to grasp the concept of dyslexia.

But the main thing about the evening was I pulled Hawklad from the formal exams happening in two months time. He’s just not ready for that step, a view backed by his heath professional. School will now approach the exam authorities to see what can be done. It’s one less worry for Hawklad in the short term, that’s a good thing.

And with that the Parent Evening closed and the School at Home Project continues now into its third year. We might get there one day. Where that is we still have no real idea.

21 thoughts on “Autumn

  1. I hope those being supportive, prove to be supportive and those others who are not, need to get in on the act. Hopefully you see actions and not just words from the school.


  2. You got to know a lot about those people under the stress of time constraints. To add some humour to the recall, I’d imagine that the uninterested teacher was actually constipated, had itchy piles and needed to fart. {{{giggles}}} Y’never know.


      1. I was at a garden fête once, when some face painter did an eye on the eyelids number. It was really weird and funny as… 👁️👁️


  3. It all just further proves that you are your son’s structure. I will continue to send positive thoughts in the hope that it all works out sooner than later.


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