A misty morning walk. Just the morning chorus of bird calls. A time to contemplate. A time to focus on what is truly important to me.

Actually there was another sound on this walk. The sound of sneezing. One of the delights of having a dog with inflamed nasal passages. We have a dog with rhinitis. Our dog has hay fever. Our dog takes the same hay fever tablets that I do. It’s a bizarre feeling taking a tablet then handing another one to the excited Mutt.

He sneezes. He sneezes lots when it’s misty. Then we passed a dog walker coming out of the mist. The other dog started barking and growling. What did Captain Chaos do in retaliation. He sneezed more. He gave the other dog a good sneezing.

That showed that dog who the alpha male is.

In between the sneezing it was also time to start to think about the delights of the upcoming School Parents Evening. The school is still using online video chats for that. Parents (and I guess sneezing dogs) can book a 4 minute video chat with a subject teacher. That’s FOUR minutes. This will be the third time I’ve done these. You do only get 4 minutes. Actually less. You have to wait for the teacher to sign in (no time added for that). The teacher then tries to quickly summarise results and progress. You get a couple of minutes to ask questions. Then the screen goes blank as the time runs out (just like in Independence Day).

So starting at 4pm I have 9 FOUR minute video chats with teachers, back to back, separated with TWO minute gaps until the next one starts. It’s madness. It’s modern schooling. It just doesn’t make sense. Especially now. Especially as many of these teachers have still yet to speak directly to Hawklad’s. Actually if I could drag Hawklad away from the Xbox, maybe we could use the 4 minutes to introduce the teacher to the pupil they are teaching. Sorry am I get cynical…. Actual the more I think about that, maybe that might be worth it.

The other plan is to list the key schooling issues we have and then raise one issue with each teacher. No time for more than that. Not ideal but it’s worth a stab. The teachers that seem to get it will get the most important issues. A couple of the teachers will get subject related questions. Maybe just maybe some of these short chats will open up new avenues. However the previous ones sadly didn’t open up any avenues but we live in hope.

Surely one day the schooling mist is going to clear.

68 thoughts on “Sneezing

  1. Not the 4 minute chats again?? I say put the Cap’n in front of the computer and let him sneeze for them.
    Total waste of everyone’s time!
    Oops! 😬 forgot my rule…
    My Sophie Cat is a sneezer… right in my face. It’s not a good cure for wrinkles in case anyone was wondering…🤣🤣🤣

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  2. Youre morning looks exactly like mine, half a world away. You have been very trusting and tolerant in a system that perhaps doesnt deserve it. I decided when my boy was 12 that he was worth more. Hes 26 now, a fully fledged member of society, and makes me proud everyday.


  3. Captain Chaos (have I got that right?) is such a beautiful dog. He reminds me of the omky dog I ever had in life, Tiny. Same breed, different sex. Tiny had one brood before my sperm donor gave them all away, he said. I wish you could give your incredibly inefficient education system away. Can you bank your 4 minutes this time, and get 8 minutes next time? Seems that would do better for Hawklad’s needs.
    No, of course you can’t! Some teacher might find out your son us a human, an individual!

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      1. It was announced today our fearless leader is not budgeting any money to gelp fight climate change, but is still giving money to oil, gas, and coal. Can we say, “Neandertals!” They want the good old days back, when we walked around with our knuckles dragging on the ground, and men owned women and children.


      2. They are talking the same way here, something called Snall Nuclear Reactors, as if they are going to be safer than big nuclear reactors. And with Russian oil cut off, Kenney promised another 300,000 barrels of dirty oil a day, until the oil companies told nim they don’t have the manpower anymore…
        The lotato plant is now over 160 cms. And looking beautiful.


      3. It is not something business or politicians anticipate. They work in the NOW, not the future. Kenney announced today he is putting $100million into oil production in the next 4 years! Then he bitched about the fegeral gov’t wanting to reduce carbon emissions 20% in the next three years. He does not care one whit if the world dies. He wants to use up all the oil in Alberta as fast as he can!


  4. Aww. Very much relate to the sneezing. Kleenex is making a lot of money off our family right now. 😏 And 4 minutes? Oh, no, most definitely could not handle that short of a window…

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  5. What a system! I think you should have Hawklad with you for at least some of those sessions. It might make a difference if they see him as a child and not just a name on a list. I hope it goes well for you. I would never be able to cope. Many God blessings to Capt Chaos!

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  6. Wonderful photos. ❤ A sneezing dog must confuse the other dogs. 😂🤣😂🤣 It’s a good strategy. There must be something to learn from a dog like that. 😄

    Not sure what to say about the schooling thing. It’s definitely far from ideal. Just gotta keep plodding on and hanging on I guess. Superdad and Hawklad can work round this. ❤❤


  7. Those who set those “rules”, do they actually ever think if they make sense? Sure not! I don’t get that.
    But at least, the area you shared is beautiful. Poor Captain Chaos. I feel with him.


  8. The mist in your photos makes them perfect! The sheep one is my favorite! And your dog lying on his back. Awh!! Sorry about his sneezes, poor dog, allergies are awful!


  9. Yes, not a fan of those online meetings, except in so far as I could actually make the meetings.

    I had no idea that dogs could suffer from hayfever. I’m glad your dog is happy to take an antihistamine.


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