Just one random Yorkshire village in Spring. For a few glorious weeks a scene of yellow. The Daffodils take over.

Much needed lift to the soul.

Do you remember the simpler, less connected days. Days when all you needed to be fully connected was a pen and a piece of paper. Now Device X needs to confirm that you are really you by talking to Device Y and only then will Device Z do what you asked Device X to do. That’s fine as long as Device Y is working. In my case Device Y is a mobile phone. But for the last two weeks our mobile signal has been off due to network issues. So when Device X messages Device Y, it misses. So Device Y can’t confirm identity to Device Z, so Nothing Happens.

Deep Joy.

Perfect timing as the Debit Card rules have changed apparently. Now virtually every online transaction I try to make requires Device X to confirm to Device ……. You get the picture. This means every transaction ends up with me on the phone to the bank listening to customer care recorded music.

Deep joy.

All apart from Amazon which still doesn’t need Device X to…. So Amazon is getting a shedload of business from me.

Deep joy.

Well today I tried to pay a home oil bill and guess what Device X needed to talk to …… So I was on the phone to the bank again. After listening to 50 minutes of badly recorded Euro Pop someone finally picked up the phone. Utterly spookily randomly bizarrely the person on the other end was someone I was at Uni with. I hadn’t spoken to her in over 30 years. Speaking to someone sat in a different country who was sorting out by bank card, who once cut my hair. Cut it badly, I can’t remember why she ended up cutting my hair. Maybe it was because I looked seriously uncool, looking like Shaggy from Scoobydoo after he had put his head in the tumble dryer for 30 minutes. After the haircut I ended up with another Scooby Doo haircut, this time Thelma’s.

This all goes to show that I actually don’t need Device Y to be truly connected.

67 thoughts on “Daffodils 1

  1. Hahaha even though all of this sounds like such please leave me alone moment . I loved it. Especially the Thelma look . Oh boy that definitely couldn’t have been a good moment . 😂


      1. Funny. I’m 72, and I have some white hairs. But you can only see them if I tie my hair into a pony tail. As long as I let it hang down you can’t see but a few. My facial hair, that is another matter…


  2. I know what you mean about utterly spookily… For sometimes I feel like I’m in a place that not a soul knows me and then I meet some random folks that know me. Once it was the local vet hundreds of miles away from home, on his way to the middle of the continent. Another time it was someone on the Scrabster to Stromness ferry, who previously as a teen was my sister’s stable hand. Maybe though, once met, other people remember me. Not sure that’s a good or a bad thing or just a thing. I’m not famous.


      1. To learn the key to the accent or indeed your key, you have to buy ek as like first. It’s a rare product on the shelf next to the tartan paint and the small boxes of sky hooks.


  3. So, all that trouble was necessary that you get in touch with your colleague again. I hope you asked for her number that the issue with your devices is not necessary anymore 😂


  4. Life gets weird sometimes! Totally agree with all the devices needing each other. Give me pen and paper and the old British postal system that provided 3 deliveries a day…


  5. It’s beautiful how the daffodils grow wildly over there like that! You are also weeks ahead of us in Spring development. Things are just poking out of the ground right now.


      1. Sounds like Canadian Spring. Tease you with warm days and then 20 cm of snow when the flowers poke out. 😆 Flowers are resilient and will no doubt withstand and persevere! 🙏


  6. Talk about ‘it’s a small world’ sort of thing.

    I share your dismay about Device X/Y and the endless authentication process. One more reason to curse spammers and hackers for foisting this over-zealous inconvenience on those of us who follow rules and don’t try to steal funds or create other mischief on others. Guess it’s all part of technology’s grip on our lives. Sigh.


  7. Odd very odd and I know that convinced you that someone is truly out there and you know them on top of it all, Must be a sign of some kind. I hope you have a good weekend.


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