A beautiful spring day here in the Tropics. Temperatures below freezing for most of the day. Definitely feels like April. 😂😂😂😂

The bonkers weather continues. According to the forecast, in seven day’s time we might be basking in temperatures about 24C higher than todays tropical highs. Will the weather make its mind up.

Unbelievably this morning we were sledging. Wasn’t really enough snow but sometimes you just have to give it a go. The sledge took a bit of setting off but with effort it eventually got going. Two different approaches producing the same amount of decent speed. Hawklad with his aerodynamic streamlined body and his Dad with his very very very large backside (which produces a shed load of momentum when it’s in motion). I must admit I left much deeper tracks than Hawklad (that must be just down to some strange climatic conditions….).

Guess who managed to put a large crack into the bottom of the poor old sledge……

Now here’s the thing. At the exact time that my backside was stress testing the base of the sledge, Hawklad was supposed to be sitting a mock exam. Does it really matter if Hawklad started the exam two hours late. His Invigilator (a person with a sledge breaking backside) was more than ok with the delay. When he finally started the exam he had a pen in one hand and a steaming cup of hot chocolate in the other. Doing an exam with a smile on his face. That’s surely how you do an exam.

53 thoughts on “Sledging the exam

      1. I just woke up to yet another snow fall, the 3rd in 4 days. What did it fall on? The snow that had not melted from the last 30 -60 snowfslls we had this winter. I thought April Fools’ Day was supposed to be over yesterday, but Mother Nature is not playing fair this year. She might not play fair tomorrow either. Yes, snow can be magical, but snow also causes heart attacks, huge sutomobile chain-reaction accidents, and depression. People die from snow, others become paraplegics or quadraplegics for life. So, if you ever see snow, hope that it happens once a month or less, and only builds up an inch or couple of cms at a time, because the magic quickly fades when snow stays. And stays and stays and stays. We have not seen our lawn since Oct of 2021. And with these new snowfslls, we still won’t see that lawn until sometime in May. That is our reality where we live. So, Happy You Survived April Fool’s Day, to you. For us, it is Better Luck Next Year, Sucker! Day.

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      2. Rawgod
        So many things in life can go wrong, some are wrongs that are consequences of our actions, some things because of the actions of others, and some are commonly referred to as acts of God.
        We get snow from 5 inches up to 3 feet at once. I will always see it as a gift, not that you have to.
        I won’t go as far as to say that snow itself is responsible for all of the things you listed.
        I often see that someone (or more than 1) is taking unnecessary risks by driving to fast for the conditions, or too close to the person in front of them. Or someone is not taking the privilege of driving as seriously as it demands of us.

        Simply by taking the responsibility, and care for those around us seriously, and remaining attentive, I believe many “accidents” would not happen.
        Mankind is often in a hurry to get to the next thing on their personal to-do list, I cannot blame that on Mother Nature alone.
        I find Snow to be very beautiful.
        I also find it magical.
        There is a calmness and an amazing sense of peace that comes with it.
        The silence during snowfall is the only thing I have ever seen have the power to silence a very very loud world 🌎
        Everyone should have the opportunity to see it, even if it is only Once in a lifetime.

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      3. All I can say is, in October snow can be magical. By April or even May, snow is just a pain in the butt.
        But when I have studded snow tires on my car, and I hit the brakes, and even at local speeds I slide twenty feet farther than I should, that is not on me, unless you blame me for wanting to go to the grocery store. Twenty extra feet takes me past the Stop sign I was braking correctly for, and into the intersection where hopefully there are no pedestrians or other out-of-control vehicles. Where I live, by November everyone has recovered their snow driving skills they have not needed for 6 months, but ice is ice and black ice, under a new snowfall is a tragedy waiting for an accident to happen.
        I am glad you love snow, it is worth loving. But it has a dark side, one that takes lives wantonly.

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      4. But you get all that liquid snow that sometimes is WORSE than snow, lol. I belIive your climate is similar to that in Vancouver, BC. I spent a numberof winters in BC. I’ll take real winter.

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  1. So, that is a wonderful way of preparing motivating conditions to write an exam.
    Btw., this morning it looked exactly the same over here 😂


  2. That sounds like the best way to take an exam! When Little Man was younger, I was able to have him join a group of kids who walked before school to get their bodies and brains going.


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