It’s early Sunday morning here in Yorkshire. I am currently enduring the annual torture of a very very very long night as Hawklad is sat watching Wrestlemania. Don’t you just love a good international time difference. It is due to finish here at 5am…… I can’t remember seeing that wrestling related task in the parenting contract. My tired mind has wandered from what is on TV to real adventures. Time for a bit of wonderful Switzerland.

I don’t know why but I remembered an old, long forgotten Swiss holiday memory. The night before I had over indulged in fondue and Swiss chocolate. Really over indulged. It would have been very impolite not to have. So I got up early the next morning and went for a lakeside run to burn off some calories. The further I went on the run the more people I ran past. Very very very polite people. Every single one of them said hello and asked how I was.

Gruezi. Wie geht es dir an diesem schonen Morgen

Every single one of them hearing my very wooden Swiss German reply immediately switched to almost perfect English. A run that would normally take 30 minutes, lasted well over an hour. Finally back outside the hotel, I was sat on the lake edge when another runner stopped to say hello.


Then we talked some more. I mentioned just how polite the Swiss were compared to the English and the runner told me that running was often hard because you did have to stop so many times to exchange pleasantries. The runner said that one day he tried something different. He went for what was intended to be an uninterrupted long swim in the lake. I said that was a really cool idea and with a smile the runner said ‘it didn’t work’. Apparently several early morning fishermen had rowed over to him while he was swimming to say hello to him and and ask how is swim was going.

I do love Switzerland . Can’t wait to get back for a visit. I would move there in a heartbeat.

All the photos today are from that lakeside running route. Wish I could run that right now.

53 thoughts on “Swiss Sunday

  1. The photos, the kindness, and the overall spirit of this post is beautiful (minus Wrestlemania, lol 😂)! I wish all of humanity could be this kind. 💛❤️


  2. The photos are as ever beautiful but right now, even to get your Yorkshire peace would be heaven to me. Miles of road to walk and not have to think about who sees me and who thinks what about me.


  3. An amazing story. I am happy about your wonderful memories and your warmth of sharing. It would be an awesome place to live. I’d love to at least visit there.


  4. The Swiss are people I’d like to meet. I like polite people, and for me, being stopped on a run would be a Godsend – I don’t like to run. LOL

    I hope you get to do that very thing soon. Hope all is well in your world, despite Wrestlemania!


  5. Great memory, thanks for sharing. That poor swimmer😂 can you imagine trying to tread water while exchanging pleasantries??🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    Stunning photos, as always! I think that if I were there, I’d let you have your run, and I’d ask Hawklad if I could share his view with him😉 I’m afraid I’m too big for a turn on the horse though☹



  6. I recall a few years ago doing a bit o’ running in Telford, trying to get a jog sorted in the early hours as the sun was rising. Thankfully not a soul said a word to me as they walked their dogs or sauntered past on their way to work, for I’m a miserable yomper.


      1. Okay, now you’ve reminded me of two things that make me smile of somethings a bit similar, possibly if you put them together? but anyways:
        1) I was very young and thought I was having a heart attack, so was on the way to the doctors. I had to stop and sit on the wall, as two really old women jogged past me with those bright sweat headbands on and shell suits. I wanted to shout sommat, but didn’t, because of the unfamiliar pain (later finding out it was stomach acid).
        2) There was the memory of the Sinclair brothers, who’d sit on the bench near the hotel in Stromness, as the ferry came in and acted like folks they knew had never been away for several years.,-3.2977773,3a,15y,29.76h,77.39t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sUml8XniO03KMwbVATnTRiw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656?hl=en-GB


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