Surely even I can swim across this mighty river.

“Are you sure Dad, your not exactly fish like”

I know but it’s probably just about within the max of my swimming range.

“Dad the bath is the max of your swimming range…..”

But I am a bit of a sporting super being, I could probably jump across the stream.

“Really Dad”

I think so, I am built for sporting excellence. Some say I have a passing resemblance to Thor 🤣🤣🤣🤣

“Maybe the Thor that had cheese puffs flowing through his veins but you definitely have a sure fire resemblance to Fat Tony from The Simpsons”

*******Harsh but fair*********

32 thoughts on “Swimming

  1. They are so thoroughly confidence dissolving of us and yet we are supposed to boost their self esteem endlessly lest we somehow crush their adult life 🤣


  2. Kids they call it like they see it. No matter how brutal it is.
    Although it would be fair to point out that cheese puffs will initially float, so if there are enough of them in your veins, you might actually make it 😉


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