We are trying to stick to the school class timetable, starting and finishing lessons at the same time as his classmates. We figured that was a decent way of bringing structure to the school at home week. We also thought that if and when Hawklad returns to school then at least he would be use to working the full timetable.

In practice it is difficult when some lessons are posted late ( hours late, even days late and yes sometimes never posted).

This day started with an English lesson. POETRY. Poems on a theme.

Do not stand at my grave and cry…..

They are waiting for me somewhere beyond Eden Rock…..

I had not thought it would be like this…..

Revising poems about loss and grief. Learning about a poet who had lost his father when he was a child and was now grieving the loss of his mum. You get the picture. Wonderful poetry from the likes of Frye and Causley.

Yes loss and grief are powerful themes but there are other subjects to go for. Safer subjects for children. What about those children who have lost loved ones. Is it fair on them. Should an English lesson and potentially exams bring tears of sadness. If kids want to look at grief poetry then they can but let it be a free choice, when they are ready and never let it be forced on them. Some might say I’m being overprotective of Hawklad but we all deal with loss in our own way, especially important when a child loses his mum when he is only 8. At home we still carefully try to filter out movies that bring sadness to Hawklad. That’s OUR choice.

I’m not frustrated with the school or teacher. They are told what poems they have to teach. Surely when those in charge put the national curriculum together, is it too much to ask that they do this sensitively. Consider what impact some of the coursework could have on some of the pupils. Is that too much to ask.

31 thoughts on “Poetry woes

  1. It will be hard to absorb the love of great literature if a child is triggered with grief. I can see waiting until he’s older to introduce the heavy themes…


  2. I think they should teach the poems of my favorite poet: Edgar A. Guest. His poetry is about the little things, the simple things in life, and are all very homey. Some are funny, some are gentle, some are very touching. Yes, there are a few of grief, but not necessary to teach children. They need something safe. There is enough grief and sorrow in this world without having to study it in school. I hope someone will get to those who set up the curriculum.


  3. Pull him out of school altogether and be done with it. Yes, of course I keep banging on about it and yes I can see you’re stuck in the limbo of Hawklad having the last say, because yes it is his choice. Ignore me, I’m just be pushy. I just cannot see any good coming out of being associated with the governments strict crap curriculum. Still, that’s my ten penny worth. “More tea vicar?”

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  4. Your Minister of Education and the govrrnment cirriculum writers should all be drawn and quartered. Isn’t that a good Olde English punishment? And while you are at it, I have some “officials” from the Alberta government I can throw in for good measure. Their “lily white” cirriculum does nothing for children of colour! But then, that is exactly what they want children of colour to learn. Nothing! They don’t need an education! They are just going to grow up as gangbangers and other assorted ne’er-do-wells anyway!

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