The daffodils are still hanging on through the cold weather. It might look like the sun is beating down but it’s still most definitely THREE jumper weather.

The Easter School Break started this afternoon. Two weeks off for Hawklad and he is definitely ready for it. As he pointed out

Who would have thought Homeschooling would be such hard work 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Who would have also thought that a million years after leaving school (or was I kicked out, I can’t remember) I would be trying to explain COS, SIN and TAN functions even though a million years ago they made no sense to me at all.

Dad do they make any sense to you. You seem as confident with them as you are with LEFT and RIGHT.”

That’s no vote of confidence. After a million years I still can’t figure those two words out. It’s that bad that when I’m driving and someone is navigating LEFT and RIGHT are banned words. Instead I have two soft toys. A Bagpuss and a Mutley. Bagpuss goes on one side of the car dashboard, Mutley goes on the other side. Then the directions are turn to Mutley or turn to Bagpuss. It’s FOOL proof, well it works with this FOOL.

Now how can I use soft toys to explain trigonometry. But as it’s now the holidays that little conundrum can wait for two weeks. Two weeks without school being mentioned sounds fantastic.

35 thoughts on “Fantastic

  1. SIN, COS and TAN…well I know what they are and remember being taught but in the 60 years since, I have never needed to utilise them in any way whatsoever. Which is handy as I never did get a good grasp. You ought to see what the Americans do with Maths. It’s mind bending.

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  2. I hope you both enjoy every minute of this much-needed break! My daughter trained in actor/writer/film and production areas. I always have to remember if I say left she’s thinking stage left, which is actually my right – or something like that. It can be confusing, and often very funny. I may have to steal your method to make things less confusing. LOL

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  3. Hold your hands out infront of you with your first finger and thumb out. They should both form an ‘L’ shape. Which ‘L’ is facing the right way? 😀 That’s your left. 😆 Might not come in handy when you’re driving though…. 🤣😂🤣😂 Keep your hands on the wheel! 😮

    Beautiful photos. ❤❤

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