Another walk down memory lane. Special places like Switzerland help create everlasting memories. So on this Easter weekend let’s go back ten years. Back to an Easter weekend in 2012. A wonderful family weekend in Switzerland. Time to remember and smile.

A hotel gift
Traditional singing on the lake boat
Another hotel gift
Hotel room view
Just had to play on this

29 thoughts on “Swiss Sunday

  1. What’s not to love! Such a civilized place. I remember getting bars of chocolate in my hotel room and Swiss choc is particularly good. Great pictures of Hawklad. Happy Easter!


  2. Happy Easter to you both! Lovely photos, as always. 🙂 I can’t help but wonder how they get all the materials up (or down) the mountainside to build those homes in your third from the top photo. Also, cute pics of your boy, love Lindt chocolate – much better than a mint on the pillow. LOL


  3. Your Easter memories are better than mine! After a little earthquake (4.8) the other night, we were reminded of Easter 13 years ago when we had a big 7.2 earthquake.
    Yep! I’d much rather have chocolate and stunning views than the rumble, rockin’ of an earthquake.😂😂



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