It’s a few minutes past midnight here in England. A muppet dad is fighting to put on duvet covers. In this case, a ‘George from Peppa Pig’ cover. The duvet cover is winning….. What makes it worse is that it’s for my bed. Hawklad wouldn’t dream of sleeping under that these teenage days. But it’s still a good cover so, waste not want not. Plus as it’s just me under that duvet, who will ever know.

So can you keep a secret……

Anyway I have given up the cover battle for a few moments and I’m thinking 2015.

I wouldn’t have got away with that themed cover back in 2015. Not a chance. Back in 2015 it was also our last holiday we had as a family of three. Seven days in beautiful Switzerland.

The next time we go back to The Alps things will be very different and not just what’s allowable in terms of bed furnishings. I had hoped that 2022 might have been return year but maybe things are still against a trip this year but you ever know. But wow, I wish I was there right now. I wish I was back in Switzerland.

29 thoughts on “Swiss Sunday

  1. That photo of those cows (?) and the magnificent mountains behind them…awesome…
    I understand why you want so much to return there. It’s a well-run country and you’ve a better chance of being well taken care of there, a good life for your boy too. Hold on to that hope, Gary. It’ll take you forwards, closer to the goal.

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  2. Thanks for this weekly scenery and beauty boost, Gary. Every week, I send a wish into the universe that you and Hawklad can venture safely and soundly to Switzerland one day soon.

    And I always chuckle at your Peppa Pig duvet cover. My little one loves the show. He wants to visit London one day cuz he thinks that’s where they really live.

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  3. It’s so easy to see why you want to go back! The photos are awesome, the real thing must be so mind-blowing! (Yeah, I know i’m telling my age with that.)
    Pepe Pig eh? LOL and I have to say I don’t own a duvet cover, had one once – never again. Putting one of those things on is a serious work out! Have a good week, my friend and keep that dream alive! You will get there at the perfect time for you and for Hawklad.

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  4. Not George😲 Where’s the Scoobie Doo? Teletubbies? 😂😂

    I still think Hawklad had the right idea in that last picture. I wonder if they make that horse in a slightly bigger size? 🤔😉



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