It’s Sunday so it must be time for a trip down memory lane. To very different times . To family holidays to Switzerland. As I look at the photos the memories flood back. But also a feeling of hope. The photos are a reminder of the world that can be so easily found out there.

It still can be a wonderful world.

27 thoughts on “Swiss Sunday

  1. Your post reminds me of the tears I got, chatting with a friend the other night. We were laughing together, then she told me this story: she had intentionally smiled fully at a stranger with a grumpy face, and brightly said, “hello” (that was the theme we were laughing about). He looked at her coldly, and walked into the cafe to get his beverage. He came back up to her on the way out, and stopped to say, “I wanted to apologize for not responding, and thank you for your kindness. Most people don’t act that way in my experience, so it surprised me, and thank you.” Breaking through the crust of other people’s shitty days, a slice of hope for happiness the result, coming to her; from giving it. 😍

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  2. That photo of the full moon over the mountain is amazing. How awesome it must’ve been to witness in person too. Happy Swiss Sunday!


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