It’s just turned Sunday here in the UK. I’m sat nursing a bruised foot, shin and fingers. That’s what happens when you walk into a metal road sign, drop a heavy box on your foot and then try to fix a large hole in the fence with a Thor like hammer. Try is the optimal word. As the light failed the fence was still is still with hole. Lots of bruises with so little end products.


So I need calming. Time to look at family holiday photos. Only one place will do tonight. Switzerland. Yes definitely time to walk in the Alps and forget about the bruises.

Switzerland work your magic.

26 thoughts on “Swiss Sunday

  1. It seems to me, your stress level is having an affect on your concentration. Do less. Let those not so important things fade into the background. Aim to put resting a priority, chilling out, letting that body heal. Not so far walking the dog for now and let the body heal, as the mind destresses in whatever was works for you.

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  2. I’ve been away from here for a bit and I have missed a lot. Oh my I hope you’re okay. Do you wrestled a pole? Well think of those beautiful mountains in paradise. I am with a nice hot cup of tea in hand♥️


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