About 10 years ago I remember talking to a super polite Japanese Guy in who was sat next to us in Geneva Airport. Someone who had seen years and years of life. He told the story about how he had attended an international conference here in Geneva during the sixties. At that stage he hated travel, hated being away from Japan. That all changed on that trip to Switzerland. He fell in love with another country. Since then he had travelled for a holiday here, every single year without fail. He said he would keep coming until his body failed.

I knew why he said that. I understood immediately his sentiments. I still do. I wish I was there right now.

26 thoughts on “Swiss Sunday

  1. It really is a beautiful country and I can see why the tourist you ran into goes back all the time. I feel blessed to have visited for a short stop (3 days) and I only wish I had a longer stay. The mountains are truly out of this world.


  2. There are so many beautiful places in this world. I am happy that you and others think that Switzerland is one of them… I can only agree.


  3. Like you, dear friend, I wish I was there right now. I would love nothing more than a small cabin nestled in the foothills of the mighty Alps, near a small village. Surrounded by beauty and peace, I might once again find life to be worth the challenge of living it. Hugs to you and Hawklad.


  4. It’s just the emotional attachments to a place which pull you right back there, and it’s such a beautiful place, a dream destination to many, no wonder he wanted to revisit it every year.

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