Almost 11 years to the day we had headed to Switzerland for a weeks holiday. This time it was different, a celebration for her mum’s 70th birthday. Many of her family were also arriving that week as well. As part of that week we all made our way Murren. A stunning ski resort set high up in the Alps. A special place as it is cut off from the motoring world. You can’t drive there. The only way is via spectacular cable cars and connected trains.

Wow does that make a difference to the feel of the village. The quiet.

Like the rest of the week, deep blue skies and glorious weather. A wonderful walk around the quiet streets. Then a perfect meal on a hotel balcony overlooking the snow covered mountains.

Next week let’s complete the special family day out.

38 thoughts on “Swiss Sunday

  1. When stress has reached in too deep, we do all we can to quieten and still ourselves to regain our inner balance. Sometimes it works, sometimes not, the world outside often too noisy and disruptive. I just wonder what it would be like to be in a country like Switzerland, in a place like Murren, where it is the outside world that nudges you to be silent…

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    1. That’s how I always feel when looking at a snow topped mountain, in awe. To see them first hand on a warm day, well it just doesn’t register properly at first and feels so unreal. For at first I expected the snow up there would melt on a warm day, but it doesn’t and that’s pretty unreal in my mind.

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      1. It’s just one main street that goes from top t’ bottom really. Very, VERY steep, I had to stop and take breath every now and then, just to get back up to the top again. It’s been used for quite a few TV shows.


  2. What a very special way to be on holiday in Switzerland by making it a family gathering. I checked Mürren over the internet. It is interesting that this village is only reachable by cable car. How difficult it must be for the people there but I bet it is one of the most soothing places in this world. Thank you for this hint, it is on my bucket list.


  3. I think my comment vanished. 🤔

    I shall try again. I wrote: It does look like a beautiful spot for a family day out. Gorgeous views. ❤


  4. Murren looks so beautiful! I agree that the lack of cars etc gives it a quieter and calmer feel. The cable car trip and views must’ve been quite spectacular indeed.

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