I was asked why we often stayed at the same hotel on our trips to Switzerland. Every morning, flinging open the bedroom curtains, standing on the balcony and you get this view.

You get this view.

That’s why…….

And the view at the back of the hotel isn’t bad at all.

I wish I could have that view tomorrow morning, maybe one day soon. Let’s hope for more adventures in all our daily life’s.

48 thoughts on “Swiss Sunday

      1. I’d hate to live in a terrace or a high rise, but that if “needs must”, I too would let the “weeds” grow and have a window box in every window.


  1. I find it amazing what random things I can find on Google Maps. I randomly plonked the little Street View man onto somewhere in Mumbai and found myself in a shop. Maybe this is someone’s dream: To grow pink flowers that flow their blossoms out of the window of their little flat, above the shop that sells things from Britain? This next link is interactive, have a go wandering around that shop:



      1. Old garden trampolines make great chicken runs. 🐓 The wire is just the right height to roll out around and put bricks on the fringe of the bottom. Plus it is movable when the hennies demolish and poop over the land.


  2. What an interesting photo challenge–the view from your window. We can’t all live in the Alps or even on a harbor, but perhaps there is someting to appreciate right outside our own windows. Thanks for helping me appreciate my view.


  3. Another beautiful Sunday! Thank you, as always, for sharing your beautiful memories!
    Time flies by… you’ll be in the Alps making new memories before you know it! I will be very excited and very happy when you do!



  4. Thanks for the trip, dear friend! The views are to die for, and Hawklad is just so darned cute that I want to give him a big hug!!! Fingers crossed for you and him to get back to Switzerland soon! Maybe I’ll even meet you there to finally get that cuppa!


      1. ABSOLUTELY on the coffee!!! Do you think we’ll ever get back to what we once considered ‘normal’ again, or that this will ultimately become our new normal? Sigh.


      1. That’s on the market at £68,924 and Grenoble has all the things, including an Aldi (they get everywhere). You are not in a corner with no way out. There’s always more options, but sometimes it can feel like there isn’t.


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