I think it’s time to have a wander down memory lane. To a family day spent in The Alps. To picture perfect Switzerland. Back I think 8 years. It didn’t often seem to happen, but to a raincoat day. We headed off by train to the village of Kandersteg. Then an energetic uphill 4km walk to one the planets most beautiful lakes. Oeschinen Lake. It is a true mountain lake. It’s also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It’s one of those places where you find peace, you can breathe, you just smile. On a Sunny Day, the water is the bluest of blues. One small, isolated hotel is the perfect spot to sit and take in the atmosphere.

Oeschinen should be an automatic entry on any travel bucket list. I so want to go back there right now.

28 thoughts on “Swiss Sunday

    1. Tadcaster Travelodge is not a big hotel and is away from the town LS24 8EQ. It’s set just off the A64 and surrounded by fields. It’s tucked back behind a Greggs that does a bit o’ vegan options (open until 4pm). Travelling there could involve going through York or if he is not ready for that, then there’s the ring road, but if it all goes tits up, it’s still in driving distance home.



    2. In the town of Tadcaster (three miles away) 🥾🥾 walkers are welcome and apparently all the car parking is free. It’s steeped in history: romans, railways, country houses, ancient tracks and battle places. Here’s a load of links in here to recommended walks:



  1. Such lovely photos as always, Gary. I can almost smell the fresh mountain air from your photos. Always a treat to see photos of Hawklad too. Happy Swiss Sunday!


      1. I think you can get through almost anything life throws at you if you can keep a sense of humour about you. You definitely have that attribute. Hawklad has learned well. 🙂


  2. Each time I see how much you love Switzerland, I wonder if you’ve read historian Tony Judt’s book, The Memory Chalet, which he wrote as he was dying and drawn back to Swiss vacations in his boyhood, along with other things. It’s his smallest book but one of the best You might like it.


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