Way before I was an unexpected accident for my parents, the Football World Cup was held in Switzerland. The German National team based themselves in Spiez. Their football base just a few paces from the hotel that was our family holiday base. The German Team coming here was a really big thing for this beautiful small lakeside town, especially as the team went on to win the World Cup. You can still see reminders of how important that memory is to the people here.

Hawklad loved standing by one particular reminder. The German Captain standing just a few feet from the lake and it’s shoreline path.

Something like 60 years after that World Cup we got to see Germany play Switzerland here, in Spiez, in a beach soccer international. Another super cool memory.

We definitely can’t wait to return to create some more lasting memories.

35 thoughts on “Swiss Sunday – Lasting Memories

  1. Gary…….. 😂🤣😂 Your site is messing with my messages again. For some reason I’m not appearing on your page. I AM logged into my account and I AM able to comment on other blogs, but for some reason I have to leave my email, name and Website to currently comment….

    Superdad…. your site isn’t being super to me… 😂🤣😂🤣

    Now for my comment:

    Those are wonderful memories. 😊 I hope you get to make more memories in beautiful Switzerland again soon. 🥰

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