As a child living in what felt like a remote, cut adrift Yorkshire seaside town, life felt very restrictive. I knew a world was out there but only via a black and white TV, the town cinema and books. Money was tight in that grey misty town, few had cars, holidays were taken locally. Normally any holidays revolved round a visit to another seaside town a just a few miles up the coast. No one I knew ever got on a plane and went abroad.

How times changed in just a few years ……

But back then I so wanted to escape. To travel. I especially loved the idea of mountains. They looked unreal on the screen or in books, I had never seen a proper mountain, just small hills. I loved the idea that each mountain had its own name, it’s own personality. One mountain in particular stood out, the fearsome EIGER. I dreamt of standing below it and looking up.

Years later, holidays to Switzerland, to The Alps. Who would have thought that my son would end up standing next to that might mountain I had dreamt about when I was his age. Hawklad was capivated by the local fairy tale about 3 the great local mountains. About a Monk (The Monch), an Ogre (The Eiger) and a young girl (The Jungfrau).

Switzerland is that kinda place. A place of adventure, dreams and wonderful memories.

30 thoughts on “Swiss Sunday.

  1. I love that you turned your childhood dream into a reality for Hawklad. I know you will turn your dream to return one day onto a reality as well, Gary. Happy Swiss Sunday.


  2. I have never been to Switzerland, but I have felt that sense of awe, of total wonder as I stared upward at the mountains in Banff National Park, home of the Rockies….like Yetismith commented, I, too, was captivated by the story of Heidi when I was a child. When it was made into a movie it became a place I wanted to see so badly. Sadly it is not likely I every will, so I especially appreciate your photos.

    Thanks again for sharing you photos and your love of this magical land.


  3. My son asked me the other day what my telly was like ‘in the old days’. He likes referring to my childhood as the old days.
    I, of course, got into a rambling story of a shiny black and white TV with dials to locate the correct channel. Of which there were only 3!!
    I like not too far from the Alps (in southern Germany now) and they are truly majestic. I’m glad you and your son enjoyed them. I definitely feel more at peace around the mountains or the sea.


      1. Kids are so funny!! My son asked the other day how he was supposed to get his sick line to his health insurance. He asked if he is expected to mail it? Do they think it’s the 1960’s or what?
        (He’s autistic, so even though he’s now in his early 20’s he has a few corkers still)


  4. So dreamy and picturesque. By the way, you are such a good writer! I could learn a thing or two from the way you string together your words. Wonderful post Superdad!


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