It’s Sunday so why don’t we have a walk down memory lane to family trips to alpine heaven, to beautiful Switzerland.

We haven’t made those trips since the summer of 2015. So much has happened since then, to the world, to our family. But it’s still can be such a magical wonderful world. Switzerland is still there, the Mountains and Lakes are patiently waiting. We are so ready for an adventure.

Back about 10 years every time we ventured out, animals had to come with us.

25 thoughts on “Swiss Sunday

  1. So idyllic, so freaking gorgeous! Perhaps that day is coming sooner than you thin – that day when you return to this glorious country. I absolutely love that pic of Hawklad, so sweet!


  2. Beautiful photos as always, Gary. I had a smile when I saw the photos of Hawklad and his animals. My little one, now 7.5, still travels with his “pets” too. Adorable part of traveling with kids. I say this every week and I’ll say it again – I hope you both get to visit again one day soon!


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